Intellectual Property (IP) In Tajikistan

When it comes to obtaining a patent in Tajikistan, there are certain steps and procedures which must be followed. It is possible to claim priority for a patent in Tajikistan according to the Paris Convention within a year of the first date of filing, and a patent has a 20 year period of protection, with annuities to be paid from the 3rd year.

The legal protection offered by the Republic of Tajikistan for any invention is determined by claims which can be interpreted with the aid of drawings or a description. The title of protection which is granted for the production process also extends to any product which is obtained directly from that process.


Any potential large scale investor have to submit proposals to be screened by all of the involved government agencies. The process involves carrying out company and individual background checks and financial source identification to ensure that the investment will not violate any of the country's laws.


All types of gambling have been made illegal in Tajikistan, anyone found operating an illegal gambling establishment is as risk of facing harsh penalties of between 6 and 8 years in jail together with confiscation of their property.


The Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) and the Country Operations Plan of the ADB (Asian Development Bank) are in alignment for the years 2018 to 2020

Copyright Law In Tajikistan

Copyright law in Tajikistan extends to the following:

Any works written by authors who are Republic of Tajikistan nationals or any author whose permanent residence is located within the Republic of Tajikistan's territory.
Any works which have been granted protection under an international treaty that Republic of Tajikistan is party to.

Any works that are unpublished but exist in an objective form in the Republic of Tajikistan's territory, regardless of whether they were written by a Republic of Tajikistan national or an author or permanently resides in the Republic of Tajikistan's territory.

Any works which were originally published within the Republic of Tajikistan's territory, including works which were first published in any other country within a 30 day period of its original publication in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Documents Required To File For A Patent

You will need the following documents to file for a patent in Tajikistan:
  • A signed power of attorney
  • If claiming priority, you will need a certificated copy of the original priority document
  • Specification, formal drawings, abstract and claims with with a Russian or Farsi translation.

Protecting Trademarks


If a translation is needed, it must be within within a three month period of the date of filing. The process of applying for a patent in Tajikistan can take between two and four years.

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