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The Purpose of the CLIMADAPT Programme

Established in 2016, this initiative aims to facilitate and improve access to technologies that will improve climate resilience. These technologies include improvements to the use of land, energy and water resources in the country. The line of credit is operated via Tajik banks as well as microfinance institutions and the programme's partners include the UK, the Climate Investment Fund and Tajikistan's government.

Assistance For Individuals

The CLIMADAPT programme is not only for businesses but also for private individuals who want to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Individuals are able to apply for a loan for building insulation or for an energy or water efficient system if they own their own apartment or house and if they meet the credit criteria from the participating financial institution. Loans to the equivalent of $500 up to a maximum of $300,000 is available for eligible property owners.

The CLIMADAPT Awards Ceremony

The CLIMADAPT Awards Ceremony, which is held in Dushanbe, recognises the best decisions taken commercially to improve the competitiveness and resilience of businesses in Tajikistan. Over 30 beneficiaries were awarded at the CLIMADAPT ceremony for the efforts that they made in the promotion of climate resilience value chains for the demonstration of the business case for making investment in high performance technology.

Some of the recent award recipients have included those who have adopted energy and water efficient technologies like water storage, rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, solar panels and cold storage facilities. Also recognition has been given to partner representatives who have championed financing for climate resilience projects, especially in remote communities.

Overseas Funding For Technical Assistance

Under the CLIMADAPT programme, around $6 million USD has been disbursed to over 2000 farmers, mid-sized enterprises and households in Tajikistan, helping to move the country towards a more green and eco-friendly economy. Launched by the EBRD, the CLIMADAPT facility offers technical assistance which has been funded by donors such as the UK government and the Early Transition Countries Fund – a multi-donor vehicle that includes contributions from countries including the UK, China, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Korea, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Finland and Canada.

It is widely recognised to be one of the most highly innovative projects to be supported by the CIF's Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience, and in partnership with microfinance institutions and local banks, the EBRD provides better access to eco-friendly technologies in order to cope more effectively with the impact that climate change is having. Up to date, the financing facilities programme of the EBRD has been expanded to over 120 financial institutions across 25 countries around the world. The EBRD has invested around $700 million USD (600 million Euros) in Tajikistan's various economic sectors.


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