Tajikistan Economy Plans for 2018-2020

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The 5 Areas Of Economic Plan Coverage

There are five main areas covered by Tajikistan's economic plans for the next 2 years. These are:

  • To continue investing in transport and energy infrastructure
  • To introduce support for integration of urban development
  • To reform the overall climate for investment including focusing on economic diversification
  • To continue supporting re-engagement in the development of health care and education
  • To integrate value chain development, water resource management, adaptation to climate change, food security and resilient to target poorer regions

Changes to the Non-Lending and Lending Programmes From The COBP

The years 2018 to 2020 will see some changes to both non-lending and lending COBP programmes. These include the following adjustments:

  • Transport – there will be additional financing for the Dushanbe to Kurgonteppa road project and a Kurgonteppa-Dangara-Kulob road project to reduce the amount of time taken to travel to the Khatlon southern region from the capital Dushanbe and to facilitate greater trade links in order to boost the country's economy further.
  • Energy – the Power Sector Development Project is due to commence in 2018 and will improve both transmission and distribution systems in Dushanbe as well as continuing to make further reforms to the energy sector.
  • Public Sector Management – the Investment in Climate Reform program which was approved two years ago will now be implemented in 2018. This programme will offer continued support to the government's structural reforms which are designed to create more highly paid jobs and to improve the climate for investment.
  • Health – as part of further support being offered to the country's education sector, 2019 will see a project being launched to support inclusive education for good jobs in an attempt to boost the prospects for people in poorer areas.
  • Water, Services And Other Urban Infrastructures – an Urban Sector Development project will now be implemented in 2019 and will now be given the name “Dushanbe Urban Water Supply & Sanitation Project”. The amount of money being dedicated to this project will now be increased to an additional total of $20 million from a loan in the sum of $10 million and a grant, also in the sum of $10 million.

    The project is designed to aid the development of a municipal infrastructure which will be more environmentally resilient. 2019 may also see the accommodation of the government's request for the Disaster Resilience in Pyanj River Basin Project which is requesting for a river embankment to be added to the Pyanj River basin. This project will utilise $20 million from the allocations set aside for disaster ris reduction for the 2019 and 2020 period.

These are the primary economic plans for Tajikistan for the 2018 to 2020 period


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