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Illegal Land-Based Casinos In Tajikistan

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Today, Tajikistan is a presidential republic with strict laws regarding land-based casinos. In fact, all kinds of betting and gambling have now been made illegal in Tajikistan, despite that fact that, in the past, the country had a number of casinos.

As all types of gambling have been made illegal in Tajikistan, anyone found operating an illegal gambling establishment is as risk of facing harsh penalties of between 6 and 8 years in jail together with confiscation of their property.

The country's population is almost entirely Islamic, and this is one of the reasons why gambling businesses in their land-based form are forbidden as required by Islamic law. Due to these harsh penalties, it is not wise for anyone to be found running an illegal casinos and therefore they are few and far between.

The Status of Online Casinos in Tajikistan

These days, anyone who lives in Tajikistan and who wants to place a wager must play at an online gambling site which is hosted elsewhere in the world, like the best online casinos voted by regular users. Although bricks and mortar casinos are forbidden in Tajikistan, there is no specific law criminalizing citizens who choose to play in online casinos. Although there are some online gambling operators who do not accept players from this country, this is probably nothing to do with worries about the legality of accepting Tajik members, but more to do with the fact that Tajikistan at the present time is not a well known online gaming market.

The good news for Tajik citizens who choose to play on foreign online gambling websites is that they will not be prosecuted, since playing over the internet is not considered to be expressly illegal under Tajik law.

The Potential Issues For Tajik Citizens Gambling Online

There are a couple of reasons why Tajikistan is not yet a well known online gambling market. Firstly, the internet has not yet widely penetrated the country. In 2010, only 9.3% of Tajik citizens had access to the web and the country has a largely undeveloped telecommunications network. Luckily, technology is helping to improve this situation and as more people are now acquiring mobile devices, there is greater access to online gambling apps and websites.

Secondly, the government has its own blocking and monitoring system in force although the main targets of this system are news sites, social media apps, video sharing sites and political content. This means that online gambling does not tend to come under its scope and this leaves Tajik citizens free to enjoy online casinos that are available from foreign providers.


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