Women in Business program in Tajikistan

a program for tajik women

Women in Tajikistan have traditionally struggled to establish themselves successfully as entrepreneurs, however this looks set to change as Tajikistan has now become the most recent EBRD country of operations to enter into the Women in Business programme. This programme has been designed to promote and support female entrepreneurs in the country via access to business know-how and finance to stimulate the growth of business.


Largest Foreign Investments in Tajikistan

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Tajikistan is a country which is very open to foreign investment, and indeed is going out of its way to encourage individuals and companies from overseas to invest in their economy. Traditionally, overseas investment in Tajikistan came from three main sources – Iran, China and Russia, and while Russia was traditionally the primary investor in the economy of Tajikistan, in recent years this position has been usurped by one of its neighbours.


Illegal Land-Based Casinos In Tajikistan

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Tajikistan is home to around 8 million people and is a landlocked and mountainous country located in central Asia. Once part of the Soviet Union, it was plunged into a civil war following its collapse which did not come to an end until 1997. During the 2000s, casinos and other forms of gambling, including sports betting, started to become more prevalent, however in 2009 a law was passed outlawing casinos and they were all forcibly shut down.


Tajikistan Economy Plans for 2018-2020

economy growth chart

The Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) and the Country Operations Plan of the ADB (Asian Development Bank) are in alignment for the years 2018 to 2020, with the aims of supporting inclusive and sustained growth and to create more well-paying jobs.


A National / Eurasian Patent?

Around the world, there are broadly two types of patent office – regional and national ones. National patent officers refer to the patent offices which exist in a specific country. They hold the responsibility of administrating the law regarding patents in their own country.



The CLIMADAPT programme is a $10 million US Dollar credit line from the Climate Resilience Financing Facility through which the EBRD and partners award the best projects for climate resilience in Tajikistan. Part of the programme involves awarding loans to eligible individuals, farmers and businesses in the country who want to invest in more eco-friendly technology to improve resilience to climate change.

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